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Q: I am seeing that we only have access to the Geocoding, Routing and Service Area API, is that correct?
A: When redeeming the voucher provided for this challenge, you can enable geocoding (stored and not stored), routing, optimized routing, closest facility, service area, location allocation, multi-vehicle routing, origin/destination matrix and geoenrichment.

Q: Is data also considered “content” as per the requirements? (edited)
A: Content is data, but it is data you provide yourself, and data you find from other sources. Please review documentation/mapping-apis-and-services/content-management/ where we detail many aspects of the content capabilities of the platform. Also, note that location services return data that you consume in your app, see, and you can store and access your own data as services you create see

Q: Can we use open-source tools, free CSS templates, etc?
A: Yes, you can. In addition, we support you using 3rd party client libraries. We do require that you incorporate our services along with your application, so as long as you're able to do that as well, you're good to go!

Q: How important is the economic viability of an idea? If it were more centered around research into ESG compliance using ArcGIS does that still fit the brief?
A: Business Value – Potential for real-world application serves a strong and compelling use case" - and that the application matches its intended audience. It does not require it to have economic value, but it must have value for the audience it intends to serve.

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    What is expected date of announcement of winner?

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